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Contract Manager

Tokyo, Japan 掲載日 02/12/2020

Job Title: Sr. Advisor, Commercial Contracts

Function : Legal
Job Family : Commercial Contracts – Individual Contributor

◆Responsible for drafting, reviewing, negotiating, structuring and/or administrating contractual documents (Japanese/ English) that establish business relationships with customers and/or partners in relation to sales contracts and for overseeing and advising junior team member(s) regarding such contractual documents. 
◆Works with cross functional organizations to structure and manage the contracting process. 
◆Advises the organization of contractual rights and obligations and provides interpretation of terms and conditions

Principal Accountabilities:
◆    Responsible for drafting, reviewing, negotiating and structuring and/or administrating contractual documents and legal documents for business needs related to practice area(s) (Japanese/English) that enable business relationships with customers, partners and/or suppliers and for overseeing and advising junior team member(s) regarding such documents.
◆    Analyzes, develops and administers contractual documents and legal documents for business needs related to practice area(s) (Japanese/English) to ensure compliance to company policy, legal and regulatory requirements and customer, partner and/or supplier

◆    Provides contractual and commercial expertise, support and guidance in the development and negotiation of contracts, including risk assessment and alternate positions to support the offer. 
◆    Amends contract and/or commercial terms or contract extensions.
◆    Advises internal functions of contractual rights and obligations.
◆    Coordinates internal resources to effectively complete the contract documents.
◆    Provides post-negotiation support to facilitate effective execution of signed contract/agreement.
◆    Coordinates internal resources to effectively address customer, partner and/or supplier requirements.
◆    Provides after sale support to facilitate effective execution of signed contracts/agreements. 
◆    Coordinates internal resources to effectively respond to customer’s, partner’s and/or supplier's proposal requirements. 
◆    Identifies competitive advantages of company Terms and Conditions over competitor proposals. 
◆    Includes all necessary data for the customer, partner and/or supplier to fully evaluate the offer. 
◆    Increases sales efficiency and effectiveness.
◆    Takes responsibility for global/regional/local/departmental projects outside of primary practice area(s).
◆    Responds to internal and external legal inquiries in relation to sales contracts.
◆    Drafts, reviews, amends and administers organizational policies/procedures/playbooks in relation to the sales contracts.
◆    Understands, follows and enforces Legal Department policies and procedures.
◆    Takes responsibility for the necessary trainings to the internal customers
◆    Anticipates and guards against legal risks involving the organization in relation to sales contracts.

Principal Responsibilities    
◆    Participates on negotiating terms to complete moderate-high complexity contracts
◆    Handles post-negotiation support and coordination to ensure effective execution of moderate-high complexity contracts
◆    Identifies issues/process improvements for workgroup to improve customer experience through improved response processes
◆    Able to follow new contracts processes relating to drafting and negotiating developed by functional area.  
◆    Able to support, participate on and lead regional projects that will impact contracting process.  Can support global projects.
◆    Manages multiple contracts and projects with varying deadlines
◆    Serves as the lead negotiator, drafter or manager for medium-high complexity contracts
◆    Supports regional and some global contracts
◆    Interfaces with the customers, partners and/or suppliers at the mid-high management levels

-Technical/-Professional/-Business Acumen
◆    Thorough knowledge of the relevant laws
◆    Proficient tools and systems knowledge.
◆    In-depth understanding of the company goals, customer requirements and knowledge of competitor practices.
◆    Thorough understanding of the company business priorities, strategy and direction.
◆    Thorough understanding and management of customer business needs and expectations.
◆    Manages and takes the initiative in projects and program execution.

Problem Solving:
◆    Works on abstract and complex problems requiring evaluation of intangible variables.
        -Integrates trends, data and information into plans, deliverables and recommendations.
◆    Develops innovative and creative output based on interpretation and analysis that improve business performance and contribute to corporate goals and strategic intent.
◆    Opportunity/risk analyses
◆    Cost/benefit analyses
◆    Anticipates operational, program, and implementation issues and develops preventive measures.
◆    Adapts projects, programs or methods based on customer or business partner feedback.
◆    Errors in work may cause major increase in legal risk to the organization and may result in significant expense to the company

◆    Work is guided by business plans for the discipline.
        -Actively participates in setting area objectives to meet plans.
        -Escalates matters of business risk.
        - Influences others through their professional/technical expertise.
◆    Manages critical projects, customer engagements or business processes.
        - Guides completion of major projects or customer engagements.
◆    Allocates work and mentors others

-Sphere of Influence/-Communication
◆    Contributes to the area through delivery of end results and contribution to planning for the area.
◆    Provides thought leadership, guidance and advice in own field.
◆    Works across the organization to effectively obtain and allocate resources to complete programs and projects on time.
◆    Adapts communication techniques for audiences at multiple internal and external levels.
        - Presents facts and information to negotiate mutually acceptable solutions.
        - Delegates clearly and comfortably.
◆    Cultivates, develops and manages strong, lasting customer relationships at senior management level.
◆    May manage vendor relationships.

◆    Typically requires 12+ years of related experience in a professional role (B to B and B to C) with a Bachelor’s degree; or
◆    8+ years with a Master’s degree; or
◆    5+ years with a PhD; or
◆    equivalent experience (a law graduate or a law school graduate with 8 - 12 years of relevant experience in the Legal Department of a reputable company)

◆    Advanced analytical skills and knowledge.
◆    Advanced contract drafting skills.
◆    Advanced negotiation skills
◆    Thorough ability to manage relationships with internal/external clients.
◆    Thorough ability to apply known legal principles to an unfamiliar set of facts.
◆    Thorough ability to influence, persuade and negotiate.
◆    Thorough ability to assess risk and identify actions to mitigate risk.
◆    Thorough verbal and written communication (Japanese/ English) and teamwork skills.
◆    Excellent presentation and interpersonal skills.
◆    Strategic knowledge and leadership at a functional level
◆    Must be comfortable dealing with a very ambiguous environment (has to like dealing with “shades of gray”) 
◆    Must be willing to look at issues through a business “lens” (“if you owned the business …. what would you do?”) 
◆    Willing to push boundaries but not be a loose cannon
◆    Skilled at making complex issues “Easy to Understand” 

◆    Results focus.
◆    Business acumen.
◆    Customer service focus.
◆    Smart risk taking
◆    Dealing with ambiguity.
◆    Conceptual thinking.
◆    Takes initiative.
◆    Financial acumen.
◆    Detail oriented.

Overtime Eligible:No

Job Family: Graduates Legal Job ID: R058356









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